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1. How can our organization fundraise with ADMAZING SAVINGS?

Contact your local fundraising representative.  You can view their contact info here.


2. How does the fundraising campaign work?

Fundraising Campaigns around the province of Alberta are run by schools and not-for-profit organizations. Organizers from your fundraising effort work directly with Admazing representatives to plan a fall campaign.

We will supply you with support materials, tools and appropriate resources to organize your fundraising campaign. When you conclude your campaign, we take back any unsold product at no charge.  Starting in 2018/19, we’re giving you even more support — you will receive $10.50 for every Coupon Book sold. Note: New books will be sold for $25.


3. What’s the process when we wrap up a campaign?

Once you have collected the funds raised and ended your campaign your organization collects all unsold material.  Then, contact your ADMAZING SAVINGS representative and they will arrange with you a time and place to close the year’s campaign.

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