FAQ’s for App Users

Please check below for answers to our most common questions. Should yours not appear, please use our Contact form to send a request to our support team. Thank you!

Do expired coupons show up in the App?
Expired coupons WILL NOT appear in the App.


When a customer wants to redeem a coupon, no expired coupons will appear on their phone.  Please ensure that you check that the date is today’s date when you process the transaction.

Can I have more than one city on my phone?
A: Yes, if you purchased a Coupon Book for additional cities you can add them by logging into your Admazing account at www.admazingsavings.com and clicking on the “Add Book” button.

Why can’t I find certain coupons that are in the book, on my app?
The reason you may not find all the same advertisers on the mobile app, is either an advertiser decides they don’t want to be a part of it, or the advertiser may have missed the print date, and may only appear on the mobile app version, but not the printed book.
How can I see what coupons are further away? Or out of town?

Yes, you can If you have purchased a Coupon Book for that region and you can extent the mobile apps search radius by adjusting the distance in your profile settings.

If you are further than 100km from the area that your book covers. You can change your location settings by disabling the Admazing Savings App location access.

The app will then allow you to manually enter a location to search from.

How many deals do I get per merchant?
This is up to the merchant, you can have anywhere from one to ten offerings being made available.


How do I redeem my app coupon?
When you are ready to redeem, first select the coupon you wish to use, then click on the offer, you will then see a screen that says ”Are you sure you want to redeem?” Click “yes”. You will then have a screen that has the offer, a date stamp and a redemption code. Show this screen to the merchant

How do I change my password or profile?
You can change your password either on the AdmazingSavings.com website in Profile, or in the App in the settings section.

When do I have to renew my app?
Your mobile app expires the same time as the book, August 31 is when you will need to go back to the school where you last purchased a book, to purchase the new one.
When I use the app, I received an “Invalid Token” error.“

To resolve this issue, you just need to open the app menu, logout, then log back in.

Questions for Merchants / Advertisers

How do I accept coupons from the mobile App?

The process works like this:

1. Review the Coupon Offer and Date Stamp

  • The customer will show you their phone.
  • You ensure date stamp is for today’s date.
  • NOTE: Expired coupons are not shown in the app.
  1. Review the Coupon Offer and Date Stamp

2. Process the Transaction (fill out the form attached below):

  • Record the Coupon Offer, Date Stamp and Coupon Code

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