So you’ve decided to fundraise with Admazing Savings – great choice! Whether it’s your first time fundraising with us or you’re a seasoned veteran, there are always new and exciting offers to share and different ways to share them. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Check out our tips and tricks to plan and run a successful fundraising campaign and make the most of your efforts.

Plan Your Campaign

The most effective campaigns start with a plan. Think about when you can round up the troops (so to speak) and disseminate your fundraising plan with all of the details your team, school, or organization will need to sell their books. Most groups find that hosting a “kickoff” meeting or assembly is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Another option is to use the Fall Fundraising Letter – just one of the great tools we’ll talk about below.

Take Advantage of Support Materials

We know fundraising can take a lot of time, effort, and materials. That’s why our team has developed some tools to help you cut down the time you have to spend on all fronts! Check out for free tools and resources that will help you share your campaign message, convey the value of the books, and engage your fundraisers along the way.

Tools & resources include:

  • Brochures for each book: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Southern Alberta. These colourful brochures include a complete list of merchants in your local area.
  • Collection Envelopes – Track your customers and collect your funds as you go.
  • Fall Fundraising Letter – Tell your community about Admazing Saving, share your fundraising plan, and let people know how they can help.
  • Poster – Make a splash in your school, arena, or local community hall! Tell people who you are and make sure they know how to contact you to buy a book.
  • Raffle Ballots – Motivate your little fundraisers with some friendly (and fair) competition!

Make It Fun!

We know that while parents, teachers, and other leaders are the official organizers of the campaign, it’s super important to support your littlest fundraisers! Keep them motivated by providing fun incentives for their efforts. Think: prizes for the most books sold. We can provide a ballot box and ballot forms to help you award prizes (while keeping it fair). You can also click here to download a template for ballots.

Share The Value

With such great savings at a competitive price, the Admazing Savings coupon books are a popular item and (hopefully) an easy sell within your communities. Don’t forget to mention that the purchase of every book includes a bonus code to access coupons on the Admazing Savings mobile app, essentially giving the consumer double the coupons, and double the value. Additionally, $10.50 from every ticket pack purchased goes to the fundraisers, helping to offset the costs for school or group initiatives. Need some extra backup? Check out the brochures for Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Southern Alberta to help you talk about how fundraising with Admazing Saving works – including how 100% of the profits stay in Alberta.

Wrap Up: Collect Your Funds

Make sure you’re clear about fundraising deadlines and processes. Your fundraisers should understand when they need to turn in their collection envelopes, and who will be collecting all the funds! The Fall Fundraising Letter can help to communicate this from the outset, but is also a great resource that people can refer back to as the campaign wraps up.

Call in Backup

You don’t have to go it alone! You can call upon your local Admazing Savings representative at any time for support. Click here to get in touch!

Whether you’re just getting started or your fundraising campaign is underway, we want to hear about it! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know how your fundraising is going. You’ll also be the first to hear about our giveaways and other ways to save with your coupons in 2019.

Happy fall and happy fundraising!