Many of us are infrequent couponers. You know the drill – you clip a coupon from a flyer or coupon book to save a little money on dinner or an activity, but the next thing you know, it’s weeks after you’ve made the purchase that you remembered you even had it, and ages before you use another coupon. Saving a few dollars here and there is great, but using your coupons consistently can help you save on more products, services, and attractions than you might think! Learn how to use coupons throughout your weekly routine and see how the savings can add up.


You shop for groceries at least once a week, possibly more often if you’re shopping for a family. Look for coupons that allow you to save when you spend a certain dollar amount at your go-to neighbourhood grocery store. You can find monthly savings in your coupon book, and check your mailbox for limited time promotions at stores in your area.

If you’re pressed for time, ordering in or dining out is an indulgence that doesn’t need to break the bank. Check your coupon book for savings on plenty of dine-out and order-in options, including post-meal treats!

Sample savings: Grocery store average $10 savings | Takeout/restaurant average $15 savings

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While we can’t help you cut costs at your day job, coupons can help you save on your daily coffee run or business development meetings, and make your 9-to-5 a little sweeter. Save at cafes and restaurants throughout your work week with coupons for local hot spots, and support small business owners in the process. (Tea lovers, there’s options for you too!)

Sample savings: Coffee shop average $10 savings


When it comes to saving on entertainment, the options are (nearly) endless. Coupons are incredibly popular with entertainment and recreation facilities, benefiting families, businesses, and communities alike. Save on local recreation centres, museums, music and the arts, birthday parties, golf courses, comedy shows and the theatre, seasonal activities (think: corn mazes), zoos or conservatories, sports and games like paintball, laser tag, and bowling, and so many other options for family fun!

Sample savings: Family activity/admission average $25 savings


Albertans are lucky to be just a short drive from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Enjoying nature is the best free activity, but you can also save on experiences for the whole family no matter the season. From white water rafting to a gentle paddle in a canoe, horseback riding to hitting the slopes, you can use coupons to book all sorts of affordable family fun!

Be sure to get your ride tuned up before you hit the road – there’s no shortage of coupons for oil changes, windshield repair, and other regular vehicle maintenance.

Sample savings: Family activity average $20 savings | Car maintenance average $25 savings


Couponing isn’t just about instant savings – if you’re planning a family vacation, weekend getaway, an event, or even date night, don’t forget to check your coupon book for ways to save! Hotels offer great discounts and deals, especially outside of weekends and typical holidays.

Sample savings: Hotel booking average $30 savings

With your coupon book or mobile app (and a little bit of planning), you could save up to $135 over the course of one week, just by saving on activities you’re already doing! Click here to flip through the Admazing Savings coupon book for your city and discover coupons to help you save throughout your week, and if you already have your coupon book, don’t forget to download the Admazing Savings mobile app.

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