While it may not feel like spring quite yet in Alberta, it’s never too early to think about spring cleaning! Our long winters keep us cooped up in our homes, and more time indoors often means more dust, dirt, and clutter to clean once springtime arrives. It’s not always easy to make time for quick chores, let alone a deep clean, and hiring cleaners can be a luxury when you have to consider other family expenses (like groceries) every month. Here are some ways to save time and dollars while getting a head start on spring cleaning with the help of your Admazing Savings coupon book!

Make a Plan

The thought of cleaning and decluttering your entire home can be a daunting task! Come up with a plan of attack – make a list of everything you hope to accomplish and tackle one by one. Need some inspiration? There’s no shortage of complete checklists online to provide a thorough overlook that you can customize to your own needs.

Another tip: Time yourself as you complete each room or big task. You might just find scrubbing your bathroom takes less time than you thought, and may be encouraged to make it a regular task!

Use “Hacks” to Save Time and Money

There are plenty of ways to save time and supplies as you clean different spaces throughout your home. In fact, many household items can be used in lieu of store-bought tools or solutions. Dilute household vinegar with warm water for a natural alternative to expensive chemical cleaning solutions, and use a fresh cut lemon to sanitize and polish stainless steel surfaces without leaving water stains. Disinfect your sponge regularly (especially if you’re using it from room to room) by zapping it in the microwave for one minute. Use newspaper instead of paper towel or cloths for lint- and streak-free glass. Lastly, don’t go it alone! Assign “teams” to each task or area and make spring cleaning a family affair and save time in the process.

Hire Some Help

While regular home cleaning services might not make the monthly budget, there are always ways to save on some professional help. Check out your Admazing Savings coupon book to find a cleaning service in your area and save on one-time or repeat services. Hiring some extra hands to tackle the extra dirty jobs or hard-to-reach spaces can save you time and sanity! You can also use coupons to save on services like:

  • Home repairs, painters, & handyperson work – for quick fixes, paint patchups, and a little help with repair needs you may uncover while cleaning
  • Plumbing and heating maintenance
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning – think dusty curtains & drapes
  • Junk removal – for extra clutter and renovation waste
  • Storage services – if you’re not quite ready to let go of
  • Gutter cleaning & yard services – you may want to postpone this one until the snow melts, but it will pay to book ahead of time!

Get Set for Next Year

Help your future self with next year’s “big clean” now by setting reminders for annual maintenance. Air ducts, carpets, furnaces, water heaters, and exterior fixtures like eavestroughs all need attention at least once a year. Set reminders in your calendar to contact your local service provider. Don’t forget to check your coupon book to see which providers near you offer discounts, especially on repeat services!

Flip through the Home Improvement section of the Admazing Savings coupon book for your city and discover savings on cleaning services and more!

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