For many Albertans, food expenses make up a large portion of the monthly budget. The cost of groceries can add up quickly, especially if you are feeding a family. Thankfully, with a little planning, creativity, and the help of some coupons, there are many ways you can save!

Read 3 ways that you can save on your next grocery bill.

Go in With a Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fall.” – Benjamin Franklin

This is especially true when it comes to grocery shopping. If you go to the store without a plan (or even worse, with a growling stomach), you are likely to be tempted and make impulse decisions. You might end up buying items that you simply don’t need, are outside your budget, or that you will end up throwing out at the end of the week.

First, make a list of the recipes that you plan to cook that week. Then, take note of what you already have in your fridge and pantry, and make a list of ingredients to buy. When you go shopping, stick to your list! This will save you from getting to the checkout and wondering how you managed to rack up such a large bill when you were just going to “pick up a few things”.

Tip: cut out the coupons you plan to use, and attach them to your grocery list so you won’t forget them when you leave home! If paper is not your jam, be sure to download the Admazing app, register to access your coupons and have your grocery list ready on your mobile device. Click here to read more about the app.

Make Multiple Stops & Buy in Bulk

We know that grocery shopping can be tedious, so why dedicate more time and effort to it by adding multiple stops? Well, if you are budget-conscious, making multiple stops could help you save some extra money. With some planning and research, you can determine the best location to buy your produce, household items, bulk food, etc. Another bonus of making multiple stops? You can use more of your coupons!

Tip: Check out the bulk section of your local grocery store! Bulk food is often cheaper than the prepackaged version, so this simple swap can save you a couple of extra bucks.

Be Flexible & Try New Places

Routine is easy – maybe you’ve been shopping at the same grocery store for the past 10 years. Be flexible, and try out another grocery store, especially if you have a coupon! If saving money is a priority, it’s worth branching out and breaking from routine to buy your weekly groceries. You never know what you’ll find!

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